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Certification Nation Day
May 17, 2022
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"90% of our new hires said that Great Place to Work-Certification™ was the key deciding factor in selecting IDOC."

Nella Gonzalez Human Resources Manager, IDOC

"Great Place to Work-Certification continues to be a valuable asset to us in the recruiting process and beyond. Our recruiting team sees about a 2x increase in applications within a month of announcing when we have received the award."

Angela Crossman Head of People, Noom

"We promote our Certification™ everywhere we can. We point out that we are Certified in all our hiring campaigns. It’s on everything from our Teams background to our monthly associate surveys."

Heidi Burns VP, Marketing and Originations Development at Flagship Credit Acceptance

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Don’t miss out on joining the ranks of other great workplaces on May 17, 2022 for Certification Nation Day.

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